Crowdfund Gavin to write a book

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The author of this website, Gavin Tang, is seeking ways to enable him to write a book simply called Money. To this end he is trying to get crowdfunding to relieve him from his day job as a carpenter, in order to devote himself to writing the book fulltime.

The estimated amount required is $16,000 AUD (= $11,500 USD). This is a self managed crowdfunding initiative. A share in the royalties is possible with certain conditions. Pledges with names (or initials) and amounts will be posted on this page. Please write to Gavin at if you are interested

About the book Money:

Money is a straightforward but indepth look at what money really is. As is stated in the draft introduction, economists and 'money experts', when studying the subject of money, take their intellectual point of departure from historical and current practices. But these practices have always been shaped by vested (banking) interests. One needs to examine and understand money from 'first principles' so that one can reconstruct in one's mind how money and banking should look like. If done properly it should look very different to existing practices. If the consequences of these principles are thought out clearly, then the changes to the  economy will be radical. Some of the consequences:

  • Unemployment and inflation will not exist

  • Private banks will not exist. They will be replaced by a single commons bank (as described in this website.)

  • Share owned companies will be replaced by profit sharing cooperatives (because a commons bank would not loan to the former).

  • Land will rapidly return to common ownership (because no loans will be forthcoming for private land purchases.)


This book has a number of articles that the author believes will prove revolutionary in the study of economics - even as stand alone articles. They include articles on:

  • Inflation going up when interest rates are raised (economists believe inflation will go down, but the statistics say they don't)

  • An argument for the transaction tax as described in this website.

  • A simple  explanation for why we have unemployment and growing inequality under capitalism (also explained in this website).

  • An explanation of why privatised banking developed through historical circumstances and powerful vested interests

  • An international currency that will really work and stop the predatory activities of international banks

  • Why a gold standard is incompatible with a healthy, vibrant economy.

  • Why financing public debt with government bonds is a rort by banking interests foisted onto the public.All the above


All the above are explored (or will be explored) in this website. But a book ties it all together under the theme of money.

If one is familiar with the world of economic ideas, one will know that the above thoughts are radical and controversial. It will be challenging much conventional wisdom. There is a paucity of ideas on how we are to deal with issues of environmental catastrophe, ever widening inequality, and so on. This this book throws down a gauntlet at the ideas propping up our dysfunctional economic system.

To know more about the book: look at the Draft Introduction and a summary of the chapters in Part I